Johaug’s rocket speed makes gray hair

Everyone expects Therese Johaug (31) to set up a solid pace in the classical part of Saturday’s skiathlon. How should competitors respond to that?

The classic part of the skiathlon exercise is considered the hardest. Johaug’s tactics have usually been that she tries to blow up the field, and there is no reason why Saturday’s race will be different.

The competitor from Dalsbygda is undefeated at distances so far this season.

– We have to adjust to what is being speeded up. It’s part of the preparations. It depends on several things to keep up with. It is about the mental, and it depends on skiing, said Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen during Friday’s press competition.

The Heming runner was the only one trying to hang out during skiathlon in the NM earlier this month and was rewarded with a clear silver medal for it.

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