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Jebi- The strongest typhoon in 25 years hits Japan

The strongest storm, Jebi, in 25 years sweeps over Japan. It hit the west coast in the middle of the day on Tuesday with the wind speed of about 60 meters/second.

The Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, encouraged people to evacuate on time. He said that “I urge the Japanese people to do what you can to protect their lives”.

Japanese meteorologists have warned of possible landslides, floods, storms, lightning and tornados. The storm hit land near areas affected by flood disaster that cost more than 220 people in early July.

According to meteorologist Ryuta Kurora, it is the strongest Typhoon in Japan since 1993.

The continuous wind force has been measured at 45 meters per second. However, 33 meters per second is considered the limit of a hurricane. Osaka, one of the world’s largest cities, is among those who notice the storm. It also does Kobe and Kyoto.

Warnings of flood and hot wave

Up to 500 millimeters rainfall is expected in the Tokai region and 400 millimeters in the Kinki and Kanto regions, which include Tokyo, until Wednesday morning. A number of child and youth schools are closed for security reasons. The authorities warn about waves of up to twelve meters.





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