Italy crushes its competition in the war of our appetite

A recent study shows that Italy gives most Norwegians water in their mouths. In return, there are far fewer people who get hungry by the Spanish and Greek cuisine.

For many of us, the food we eat on a journey is central to the overall experience. Food preferences may vary, yet it seems that the Italian kitchen has many Norwegian followers. According to Ticket’s latest Kantar Sifo survey, Italy is in a top class when it comes to countries we visit for the sake of the food.

– Few countries are so closely associated with food like Italy. Pasta, pizza, various cheeses such as mozzarella and parmesan, and of course the prosciutto, parma ham and salami specialties. The list can be made long, says Ellen Wolff Andresen, Marketing Manager at Ticket Feriereiser, in a press release.

Double as high as France

Among the respondents, as many as 25 percent state Italy as their preferred destination for gastronomic holiday memories. From there, there is a solid jump down to second place occupied by French cuisine.

Among those over 66 years, the majority prefer French bouillabaisse, ratatouille and garlic marinated snails on the menu map, while 38 percent of the younger generation (18-29) vote for Italian pasta and pizza.

The study also shows that men and women agree that Italy is the best, while slightly more men than women hold a button on France as number two.

Spicy barrier

The Greek and Spanish cuisine are in a shared third place with three per cent each, while only two per cent choose Thailand as the best food to visit.

Wolff Andresen thinks it may be because it is generally a little more spice in the Thai food and not as easy to adapt as the Italian kitchen.

– But Thailand has many exciting flavors. Dare outside the classics and taste some lesser known dishes such as green papaya salad, fried morning glory which is a type of spinach, or woked fish with cashew nuts and basil leaves, she suggests.

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