Iran tested new cruise missile

Iran has conducted a test of a new cruise missile, and the test was successful, the authorities said.

The cruise missile has a range of 1,350 kilometers, and during Saturday’s test, it recovers about 1,200 kilometers, Defense Minister Amir Hatami announced according to state Iranian television.

“It can be prepared in a very short time and fly at very low altitude,” said Hatami.

The missile test was part of Iran’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran has voluntarily agreed that their missiles should not have a greater range than 2,000 kilometers. Nevertheless, it is far enough to reach goals both in Israel and in the West’s bases in the Middle East.

However, the United States and its allies accuse Iran of trying to develop missiles that can also reach Europe. It rejects the Iranian authorities.

“Iran has no intention of expanding the reach of our missiles,” said the country’s National Security Council leader earlier this week.

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