Iran may have launched a new satellite

Satellite images indicate that Iran has attempted to launch a new satellite, despite strong US criticism when they did the same in January.

On satellite images published by the American company DigitalGlobe on Tuesday, one could see a rocket on a launch ramp at the Semnan room center, which is about 220 kilometers east of Tehran.

Wednesday, images from the same place showed an empty launch ramp with something that seems to be burning marks.

It is unclear whether the possible rocket launch has been successful and whether a satellite is in orbit.

The state media in Iran has so far not reported on the launch, but in previous satellite launches, the news has been reported afterwards.

Iran has said they will fire a Doosti satellite, the name means “friendship”. In January, the Iranians tried unsuccessfully to send the Payam satellite (message) in orbit after shooting it up from the same room center.

The United States believes such launches are a violation of a UN Security Council decision requesting Iran to refrain from activity associated with ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Iran has stated that it does not intend to acquire nuclear weapons and that the missile program is for defensive use only.

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