Interpol asks China for information after the Interpol chief has disappeared

Meng Hongwei, 64 year old, Interpol’s president disappeared during his visit to home country China. His wife reported about his missing on last Friday.

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On Saturday, Chinese authorities had still not commented on the matter, despite requests from the AFP news agency. Nor does Interpol want to comment.

“This is a matter that concerns the authorities in France and China,” said a message from Interpol on Twitter.

The International Police Organization issued a message where it formally calls China for information about the missing president on Saturday.

“Interpol is looking forward to an official response from the Chinese authorities in connection with our concern about the President’s wisdom,” he said in a brief statement.

Meng is serving as Interpol’s president and has been on his post since two years. He also has the post as Deputy Minister of Public Security in China. The Hong Kong-based newspaper, South China Morning Post wrote on Friday that Meng is under investigation by the security authorities in China, but it is not known why.

The newspaper also wrote that Meng was taken away by members of the country’s disciplinary committee immediately after the plane he landed in Beijing and that it is unknown where he is right now.

Such disappearance is seen in number of cases where senior government officials, billionaires and even one of the country’s biggest celebrities have disappeared for weeks or months before they have seen again.

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