Installation of new sea cables in Oslofjorden

To secure the power supply in the coldest winters, Statnett has replaced two sea cable systems in Drøbaksundet with new 420 kV plants.

According to Statnett’s Elisabeth Vardheim, Executive Vice President, the cables are one of Eastern Norway’s main power connection and are installed to secure power supply majorly in Greater Oslo.

“These cable systems are one of Eastern Norway’s main power connections,and largely help secure the power supply to Greater Oslo, especially on the coldest winter days,” she stated. 

She also said that although the two cable systems provided the safe power supply for about 60 years, however, were ripe for replacement. 

Before the new cables were installed, 1200 tonnes of existing cables were recycled, of which 230 tonnes was copper. 14 new cables replace the old ones and ensure the power supply to 2.5 million people in Eastern Norway.

“At the same time as we ensure the power supply, we have been committed to minimising the damage to nature.The old stations have been demolished and the landfills filled up so that the area along the fjord becomes more accessible to the public,” said Vardheim.

With the installation of the last sea cable system in Drøbaksundet, all Statnett’s sea cable connections in Oslofjorden have been replaced. The sea cable system that crosses the south side of Bastøy was put into operation in 2013.

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