Injured Ronaldo returns to tests in Turin

Cristiano Ronaldo will undergo several tests in Turin on Thursday to get ready for the championship match against Ajax after he was injured in the European Championship qualification.

The Juventus player incurred an injury after half an hour in Portugal’s 1-1 match against Serbia in the European Championship qualifying Monday.

Juventus reported that the tests in Portugal showed a slight injury in the right thigh of the 34-year-old. The club meets Dutch Ajax in the quarterfinals of the championship on April 10 and 16.

Ronaldo flew to Barcelona for personal errands Wednesday, but not for further tests. According to Italian media, the world star flew back to Turin on Wednesday night to undergo tests at Juventus on Thursday morning.

The 34-year-old will probably lose the series settlement against Empoli, Cagliari and Milan.

– I’m not worried. I know my body, and in two weeks I’m ready to play again, Ronaldo told the press after the Serbia fight.

The Juventus players return to the training ground from the national team break on Thursday. The club is fighting for its eighth straight league title and has a hatch of 15 points down to Naples when ten rounds remain.

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