Indonesian military believe they have found missing Lion air plane hull

Indonesian military believe they have located the hull of the crashed Lion Air plane. Lion Airplane was crashed with crew and board members with 189 people on board.

After two days of exploration, military leader Hadi Tjahjanto announced Wednesday that they have the coordinates of the place where they believe the plane is on the seabed and that they will now send a navy and crew to confirm the assumptions.

According to Reuters, an official in Indonesia’s transport authorities said that explorers captured a signal from the plane late Tuesday night.

The plane crashed into the sea 13 minutes after departure from Jakarta on Monday morning. 189 people were on board in Boeing 737 MAX 8. No survivors found.

The captain of a tugboat has spoken to local media about what he saw when the plane fell from sky. According to him, the plane was completely broken when it hit the surface.

– The plane crashed into a powerful explosion. I did not see the airplane on the water, but I saw the airplane as it sank, says Captain Rahmat Slamet on As Jaya 11, to TVOne.

Rahmat estimates that they were about 1.5 kilometers from the accident site.

No announcement on the reason for the crash of new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Just before the plane crashed, The pilot were asked to turn around and return to the airport shortly after departure and the plane had problems with speed and altitude when the day before flew from Bali to Jakarta.

Authorities are looking for the hull and the black box which will contain voice recordings and data of the plane before the crash.

The technical chief of Lion Air must go after the crash

Indonesia’s Minister for Transport has ordered removal of Lion Air’s technical chief after the air force that cost 189 people on Monday.

Also, several technicians are being removed from their positions, according to the State News Agency Antara Wednesday.

“Today, Lion Air’s technical boss is removed from his position and replaced by another. It also applies to the technical staff who gave green light for the flight, “said Budi Karya Sumadi.


On Tuesday, the Indonesian authorities ordered control of all Boeing 737 MAX machines due to the accident. The decision was taken by the country’s transport minister, but he would not go as far as putting all the planes of the new model on the ground.

Flight experts have also been clear that it is too early to draw conclusions about the cause of the crash.

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