Imprisonment of a Norwegian Olympic player for human trafficking

A 50-years old man in Oslo is convicted of bringing three women illegally into Norway under the cover of them being au pairs from May 2009 to May 2013.

He explained to the authorities that the purpose of bringing them was that they should work as au pairs with him but instead, they took care of his critically ill mother.

The man was on the national team of his sport and also participated in Olympic Games for Norway. He knew that the au pair scheme will not be covered under the elderly care however he applied for it, the authority stated.

“This is supported not only by his acknowledgment, but also that the fact that he “to be on the safe side” stated that the au pairs should fit children and make easier housework,” the judgment says.

A total of six pairs were working for the family during the period December 2008 to Summer 2017. Three of them were smuggled to Norway and the rest of them were already in the country and got their residence permit renewed.

The man admitted his guilt and cooperated with the police. The court sentenced him to 3 months of imprisonment for helping a total of nine persons for illegal residence and for having six of them working for him.

This has obviously facilitated police work. His recognition has also influenced the information of the matter. The Court finds that this generally implies a deduction in the order of around 30% , it is stated in the judgment.

The man’s wife was sentenced to 30 days of imprisonment for assisting a criminal activity and use of illegal work. Though she was not recognized as a criminal.



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