Hundreds of people are rescued from Stormflo in North Calorina

Hundreds of people are rescued from stormflo and flood caused by stormy Florence in the United States. At least four people have died and the meteorologists are warning more rain.

The extreme rainfall continued early Saturday morning local time. Many areas are affected by flooding, and stormflo has raised the sea level by three meters.

More than 360 people had to receive peacekeeping assistance in the city of New Bern, which has about 30,000 inhabitants on Friday. Others are waiting to be helped out.

Most of the city is out of power. Spokesman Colleen Roberts states that thousands of buildings are injured.

From Hurricane to Tropical Storm

After Florence reached land, the storm was downgraded from the hurricane to the tropical storm. At 23:00 local time Friday, the United States National Orchestra reported that the storm center was located 20 kilometers northwest of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The wind speed had fallen to 27 meters per second, and the storm was moving very slowly in the south-west direction.

The Orkan Center warned that the storm is still fatal, especially because of the water levels.

In Morhead City, Friday night fell 58 centimeters of rain. The meteorologists report that some of the affected areas could get a further 38-centimeter rainfall.

Several deaths

The water masses and heavy winds have transformed several cities into running rivers, while the storm slowly moves inland.

So far, it has been confirmed that at least four people have lost their lives, and the US media report another death.In the city of Wilmington, a mother and her 8-month-old died when a tree fell over their house.

According to the reports of CNN, two men have lost their lives in the county of Lenoir, and one of them was allegedly taken by the wind when he was going to look at his dogs.

Nearly one million people are deprived of power, and the number continues to rise.

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