Orange scarf TV campaign in Norway

Orange scarves appears everywhere for the television campaign of the year

The Church Mission started the Solidarity Action in 2011 by inviting a virtue to knit orange scarves. The idea is to spread heat in darkness and symbolise the desire for a warm and inclusive society. The orange scarves can anyone bring if the need for a warm garment is present. Homeless or not.

In 2011, 100 scarves were knitted on diligence. The scissors were hung up in the center of Oslo. Last year there were knitted around 15,000 scarves all over the country, and this year, the scarves also work as a reminder of this year’s big TV campaign that takes place this Sunday. It is the Church Mission that has been awarded this year’s action.

In Oslo, around 100 volunteers clashed early Tuesday and began to hang up the easily visible scarves. On light posts, statues, patrons and other places where it is possible to hang a scarf. Also in many of the other cities in the country, scarves were hung up in the living room.

More than 100,000 volunteer mobsters will be in action Sunday.

(© NTB)

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