Horse ride hall completely damaged in fire at Asker

Riding hall that started burning in Asker on Sunday evening is completely damaged. No animals or people were injured.

12 horses in the stable were rescued and taken care of. We have prevented the fire from spreading to the stable where the horses were taken care. We have also removed vehicles that were adjacent to the riding house, which is now completely damaged and burned up, says the duty officer, Sverre Junker, in the fire service in Asker and Bærum to NTB at 0.15 time night on Monday.

The riding hall, located in Solliveien, was adjacent to the stables where the horses were located. Junker says that the brick wall between the buildings probably made sure that the fire did not spread to the stable.

The fire brigade will be on site night to Monday to engage in shutting down work. At 0.15 o’clock, there were still flames on the site.

The 110th central station in Oslo informed on Sunday evening that the fire service is in place with nine cars. According to Budstikka , the fire at Steinseth is a riding center.

The message about the fire in the equestrian center came just before 21:30 on Sunday evening.

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