Møre og Romsdal

Homes evacuated by race in Ørsta

There has been a stone / snowfall down the mountainside in Årsetdalen. No persons or houses have been taken to the landslide. Five homes are evacuated, the police assist with the evacuation and the municipality helps the evacuated with temporary residence. 
Five homes have been evacuated after a stone and snowfall was triggered in Årset Valley in Ørsta Monday afternoon. No one should have been taken out of the race.

The police notified the race at 2.20 pm Monday afternoon. The police, assisted by employees in the municipality, helped the residents evacuate and find temporary housing after the race was triggered.

– No persons or houses have been taken to the landslide. After an overall assessment in consultation with the municipality, the area is considered unsafe. It has been decided to obtain a geologist who can assess the area better, reports the police in Møre og Romsdal on Twitter.

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