Hitratunnel tunnel was closed for almost five hours

Hitra tunnel was closed for about five hours on Friday evening. A fully loaded foreign road train had blocked the tunnel from 17:50 to 22:36 hours.

There were cows to over the bridge on Hemskjel page because of the closure of the Hitratunnel, reporting a tipser who has been in queue since 18:00. Vegtrafikksentralen Midt reported that a storage car had departed from Trondheim and was waiting for Hitra at 20:10.

At 21:00 Fv 714 Hitra tunnele bergingsbil pulled the truck train out of the tunnel.

At 21:04: The fire service on the way to the tunnel to remove oil spills that have occurred inside the tunnel.

At 22:00 the tunnel was open from the Hitra side.

And at 22:36, the Road Traffic Center reports that the Hitra tunnel is left open for traffic after almost five hours of closure.

One of the drivers who had been waiting for several hours was queued. He had to pick up his wife on the fast boat at Sandstad around 19:00.


“I would have picked up my better half on the speedboat, and she had to wait outside,” says Frank Arvid Jørgensen.

Waiting rooms were closed for passengers and they had to left.

“We were told they closed the waiting room at 19 o’clock and now we are out in the rain and storm. There is nothing pleasant, a woman with two children is also outside.

Source: Adressa

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