A Helicopter with two people on board is missing in Hordaland

A helicopter with one man and a woman on board who were going from Røldal ski center to Karmøy Sunday, have been reported missing. Search operation for the missing helicopter has been started.

On Monday night, the search for the full-force helicopter is underway with rescue helicopters and ground crews.

– Weather condition is good for the search operation, but the real challenge is the terrain in the dark. Operation is  planned for extension by daylight if no discoveries are made during the night, writes The Main Rescue Center in Southern Norway on Twitter at 2.45.

It was at 21.53 that a helicopter with one man and a woman aboard the road from Røldal ski center to Karmøy was missing.

– There were friends and family of the two on board who contacted the police, informs the duty officer Johan Mannsåker at the Main Rescue Center in southern Norway to VG .

The helicopter, which is of the type Robinson 44, was on its way to Karmøy at. 15.20. The relatives are notified.

Seeking on the mountain

The main rescue center initiated tracking of the mobile phones of the persons on board. At 15.56, a hit was recorded at a base station near Seljestad.

– We primarily seek between Røldal and Seljestad. We have no basis for believing that it has come from that area, says Mannsåker to NTB.

The main rescue center searches with a Sea King rescue helicopter.

– It is a difficult search area, but the weather in the area is usable, says Mannsåker.

Ask for tips

Also ground crew from the Red Cross and Rødal ski center participate in the search for the man and the woman. Male sows do not have the age of the persons.

Roger Lynghammer, who heads the ground teams from the Red Cross, informs Bergens Tidende that five snowmobiles from the Røldal Red Cross participate in the search. In addition, three patrols are on their way from Seljestad.

West police district informs NTB that they are involved in the search. They state that the Central Rescue Coordination Center coordinates the search with assistance from the police district.

– Information about observations or sound of the helicopter after. 14.30 in the royal valley area can be called to the Western police district on tel. 2800, writes the police district on Twitter .

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