Heavy snowfall stops Wednesday’s biathlon sprint in Ruhpolding

Johannes Thingnes Bø and the rest of the world cup elite must not go on Wednesday’s biathlon sprint in German Ruhpolding. The gutter is exposed due to snow chaos.

The International Biathlon Association (IBU) writes on Twitter that the sprint cannot be settled as planned. The reason is that the local state of emergency in Traunstein south of Germany has not been lifted.

Ruhpolding has a total of two meters of snow in recent weeks.

The IBU states that they will provide more information as soon as possible.

It has reduced enormous amounts of snow in much of Europe lately. This weekend, the women’s alpine races in Austrian St. Anton had to be exposed due to heavy snowfall.

Thursday, the women’s biathlon sprint is on the world cup program in Ruhpolding. It is unclear whether it will go as planned. Friday and Saturday are relayed to relays, while there is a joint start on Sunday.

Johannes Thingnes Bø has won seven out of ten World Cup races this winter. The deletion has got a severe hatch in the summary. Next week, the biathlon stars will run in Italian Antholz.

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