Heavy rainfall hits Agder, Police asked locals to stay at home

Heavy rainfall hit traffic and lives across Sørlandet. Weather stormed across Sørlandet heavily this afternoon.

At Lista Fyr, 60 millimeters of rain was measured in just two hours. Just before 17 o’clock.

Road traffic control has decided to close one course in the eastbound direction on E18 through the odder nest tunnel and the Baneheit tunnel. Water clogged road made difficult to drive cars on it.

A yellow alert has been sent to Agder and Police advised people in Agder to stay indoors and have closed the E18 through Kristiansand due to the heavy rainfall on Friday evening.

Sørlandsbanen closed

Sørlandsbanen is closed for all traffic between Kristiansand and Vennesla due to rainfall.

“We do not know how long it will take to clarify the situation,” Bane Nor explains .

Power supply has been affected in Kristiansand and neighbouring places.

“We receive very many inquiries from people who report water like waterfalls into their basements. It has become so much that now we must prioritise life and health to say that, “says fire officer Hans Arne Madsen in the Kristiansand region, fire and rescue to the NRK Daily Revue.

Traffic diversion

“The traffic will be led by Lund and the city center, police report at 16.53., Writes police on Twitter .

“We get messages from many who need assistance. Neither do we, the fire brigade or the berging cars all over the place. We must direct people to take action themselves, says operations manager Andersen.

E39 us also affected and the traffic is fully stopped there. Seven cars are stuck on road clogged in water.


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