Heavy rainfall and flood caused roads to shutdown in Hordaland

Hordaland county is experiencing a heavy rainfall on Wednesday morning and has led to flooded roads. Roads and cars are under water in Bergen.

“Now it’s raining a lot, and people are having trouble and unable to stop the water flooding themselves, so we’re out and considering what needs to be done,” said Håkon Myking, Hagaland’s chief executive officer in Hordaland, 110 central to NTB.

According to Myking, the most messages received that concern the Bergen area. He says that the weather forecasts in advance have led people to realize the situation and have prepared themselves for the weather.

During night, the fire department has received many reports about water entering in the cellars, garages, apartments and houses.

Heavy rainfall.

Till 4 o’clock the West police district said that it had been raining heavily since midnight but has not caused major problems.

“But after 4 it took a lot of movement. There is a lot of water on the roads, in houses and in cars, says Operations Manager Per Algrøy to NTB at 5:30. He says that there are still so many closed roads.

E39 at Fjøsanger is closed due to flood. It is the one that creates most problems for people. The Stongafjell tunnel in Askøy municipality is also closed due to heavy rainfall. On Twitter , the police lists other places where water is a challenge.

– The Brann Stadium, Carl Konow Street, Ole Irgens Road, Starefossen, Fritz C Rieber’s Road and Straumeveien are some of the places we have received.

Roads closed due to flood.

The Road Traffic Center reports on Twitter at 4:30 on the roads they monitor.

“It is reportedly reported on a lot of overvann and more flooded roads in Hordaland. On the main road there is now the biggest problem on the E39 between Hordvik and Hylkje, E16 at Kalandsvatnet and E16 Fjøsanger towards Bergen city center.”

County Road 615 between Hope and Hyen in the Globe is closed as a result of a rock race.

The Meteorological Institute has issued hazard warning at orange level for Hordaland and Rogaland as rain was expected during the night to Wednesday.

Yesterday we had reported about the notification and warning of full storm in Trøndelag and Helgeland.


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