Heavy fire in Fredrikstad city center

A Chinese restaurant in Nygaardsgata in Fredrikstad was caught in heavy fire, and several are evacuated. It is unclear whether there are any people left in the building.

There is heavy smoke development in Mekong’s premises in the center of Fredrikstad. According to Fredriksstad Blad , the fire is not under control. The smoke drives north towards the Torvbyen shopping center.

The fire department was notified of the fire at 13.42 on Saturday. The police have blocked the area. Because of the smoke, the police encourage people to stay indoors with doors and windows closed.

“We are running and trying to get a little overview, it is quite a big smoke development,” says Ronny Samuelsen, operations manager at the East Police District of VG.

On-site witnesses tell the flames to pop out of the windows on the floors at the back of the building.

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