Hareide is hopeful for his choice of government after the meeting in Agder

Chances of being the party leader in future also increases

The Christian Democratic Party leader Knut Arild Hareide attended a county council meeting in Agder on Thursday. After attending the meeting, his hopes for his government alternative have increased.

On one hand, where, Agder KrF believes that the party should enter into government talks with Solberg, where as, Hareide nevertheless believes the chances are bigger than before to get him through.

“I look brighter at winning the national meeting on November 2,” Krut leader Knut Arild Hareide told the press after the council meeting in Agder on Thursday night.

The meeting was closed for the press. A poll was held at the meeting to encourage local politicians to vote for the KrF to enter into negotiations with the Solberg government. The county council would not figure out how many people voted for each of the options.

However, the voting has no significance and only gives an indication of what might be the outcome. It is the county council meeting on October 26 which will determine the attitude of the county party to the government issue.

“I look brighter at winning”

Hareide believes, in turn, that KrF should seek government negotiations with Ap and Sp. The Krf leader stressed to the press that he had also received positive feedback from local politicians. He was also aware that he is not surprised that local politicians in southern Norway believe that KrF should cooperate on the right side rather than the left side.

I have received support here. I knew when I came to southern Norway, the resistance would be quite big. I look brighter at winning, but I do not need to explain my feeling, “said Hareide.

Asked Hareide to withdraw party leadership

Before the meeting in Agder, some votes in the AGF in Agder went out and asked Hareide to withdraw as a party leader.

“There has been a turmoil in the KrF for a long time, and it peaked when Hareide gave his advice to the local government. The party needs a new leader, says county council representative Anne Ma Timenes to Dagbladet.

During the press conference on Thursday evening, Hareide said that his future as a party leader was also raised during the Council meeting.

“There were some votes pointing out that I should leave as a leader in the KrF, and that was the voices that pointed to it in advance. I also think it’s real. They were out in the media and said it before the meeting, and they also said that during the meeting, Hareide said, adding that he did not answer the leadership question

Many more meetings to go

Thursday’s meeting was the first of a series of meetings. Knut Arild Hareide will hold together with his deputies Kjell Ingolf Ropstad and Olaug Bollestad, who both disagree with him in the government issue, in a number of county councils in the time to come.

According to Hareide, the tone of Thursday’s meeting was good.

“I feel that KrF has never had such an honest and good tone as we experience now, and it deserves Agder KrF all honors,” says Hareide.

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