Guardian: CIA warned Norwegian authorities about possible Saudi Arabian threat to activist

The CIA has warned the Norwegian authorities of a possible threat to an Arab activist who has received asylum in Norway. Saudi Arabia will be behind, reports The Guardian.

Blogger and author Iyad El-Baghdadi were stateless Palestinians before he received political asylum in Norway. He has lived in the United Arab Emirates most of his life and is a profiled critic of Saudi Arabia’s mighty Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

He told the British newspaper that he was aware of the threat on 25 April.

Police at the door

El-Baghdadi says that representatives of the Norwegian authorities came home to him, warned him that he could be in danger and took him to a safe place.

The threat information came according to The Guardian from the CIA, which in turn notified Norway.

El-Baghdadi was then approached by Norwegian officials.

– They assured me that they are taking the matter very seriously. They were prepared when they arrived, he says.

– Great stress

Iyad El-Baghdadi also mentions the case on his Twitter account .

– The last two weeks have been a great strain, but I hope that I have managed well despite the pressure, he writes.

El-Beghdadi received political asylum in Norway in 2015.

– If they don’t want to kill me, I haven’t done my job, he writes on Twitter.

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