Guaidó notifies strike in the public sector in Venezuela

Venezuela's opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, announces strikes among public officials in Venezuela to put pressure on President Nicolás Maduro.

“Public sector employees, workers and trade unions no longer want to work with a regime that imprisons and persecutes them,” said Guaidó at a trade union meeting in Caracas on Tuesday.

He warned that “gradual” strikes should be kept that include “all sectors”, at the request of workers themselves who will announce the start date and act as spokespersons.

At the same time, the opposition-controlled National Assembly will hold meetings with employees in the public sector on Wednesday. According to local media, the Assembly plans to adopt a law to protect public sector employees from political pressure to support Maduro.

Guaidó also promises amnesty to employees who choose to turn their backs on President Maduro.

Guaidó has previously promised a similar amnesty to soldiers in the army. Several hundred soldiers then went to Colombia. It also went Guaidó last month. Monday, he returned to Venezuela after ten days in neighboring and other Latin American countries after trying to gather support for his struggle to push Maduro off, and to send humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

Guaidó was issued a travel ban. But so far, Guaidó has been able to move freely in Venezuela. The government has decided not to touch Guaidó after what “seems to be signs of the start of negotiations, locally and internationally,” said Luis Vicente Leon, who heads the polling institute Datanalisis.

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