“Green book” best film during this year’s Oscar award

The time drama “Green book” received both the Oscar award for best film, best male supporting role and best original script. The upbringing film “Rome” also received two great awards.

Along with the Queen movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”, it was “Green Book” and “Rome” that kicked off with the most prizes. Director Alfonso Cuaron was awarded Best Director’s Best Photo and Best Foreign Language Film for “Rome”. The 57-year-old said he is proud to bring the prices home to Mexico.

“This is a Mexican movie, this one belongs to Mexico,” he said as he picked up the Best Director award.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” first received three of the less profiled sound editing, audio mixing and clipping prizes before peaking with the best male actor award for Rami Malek in the role of vocalist Freddie Mercury, a role that was actually intended for Sacha Baron Cohen.

“I might not have been the obvious choice, but it looks like it worked,” said Malek in his speech.

The rock band Queen with Adam Lambert on vocals also stepped in as the opening number instead of the traditional monologue from the Oscar show’s conference host, after comedian Kevin Hart withdrew his job. When it emerged that Hart had been criticized for allegedly homophobic posts in social media, the Academy of Academy decided to drop to find a substitute.


After some fuss around Hart in the forefront, this year’s award of the Oscar statuettes, symbols of awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, proceeded relatively scandalously.

The winners stayed largely at their estimated 90 seconds and kept away from controversial statements.

A couple of hours out in the show was one of the more memorable comments that had so far fallen director Rayka Zehtabchi’s statement upon receiving the Best Short Documentary Award for “Period: End Of Sentence”.

“I can’t believe a movie about menstruation has won an Oscar,” said Zehtabchi.

When Spike Lee came to get the prize for the best facilitated script for “BlacKkClansman”, there was a little more sigh in the sack. He first scolded some non-quotable words about not taking the time for him and inviting people in the United States to make the right moral choice the next time they choose president, between love and hatred.

“Let’s do the right thing,” Lee said.

Singing to the prize

Some of the most nominated films this year were also the royal drama “The Favorite” by Giorgos Lanthimos, with ten nominations and the new production of the classic “A Star is Born”, with eight nominations.

Some perceived it as a bit surprising when Olivia Colman won the award for best female lead in “The Favorite”, where Glenn Close, Oscar-nominated for the seventh time, was one of the favorites. Lady Gaga was also nominated for that award, but she obtained her Oscar in another category: Best song, which she won with the song “Shallow” from the movie “A star is born”. She performed on Sunday’s gala with actresses from the movie, Bradley Cooper.

As they hear, extravagant outfits should be the red carpet when the movie elite and other celebrities arrived. A lot of pink and fluffy materials were regal.

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