The government legalised right to free campus school for all students

The Norwegian government has legalised right to free campus school for all the students. Keeping in mind the importance of learning to stay away from home and developing new social skills on own, the government has taken this step.

Learning to stay away from home is an important skill and part of the education, says Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande (V).

Currently, 20 per cent of primary school pupils do not receive a campus school offer. Now the government will give the municipality the duty to offer free camp school stays or other school trips with accommodation as part of elementary education.

“A camp school stay is important for mastering experiences, to create independent kids and to gain social skills. Fixing to be on a overnight trip with peers is an important skill, says Minister of Culture and Left-wing Trine Skei Grande to NTB.

Free camp school has been one of Venster’s fighting cases for a number of years, and the party received the claim as part of the Jeløya platform when they entered government in winter. Now the training act changes so that the requirement is met.

The Minister of Culture, Trine Skei Grande, also believes that not all the students are growing up in families where outdoor life is strong enough. This free camp will thus serve as the entrance door to the outdoor life as physical activity which is a necessity.

Provide free facility

“Some municipalities today say no to turn and suggest that parents and students themselves have to finance a trip through soldering, donations and gifts. We do not want that. This is about the free principle at school, says Jan Tore Sanner (H), Minister of Knowledge and Integration.

“We must ensure that all students travel on school trips during primary school, regardless of where they live and where parents can afford. Campus school should be part of elementary education and can provide students with experiences and other perspectives on school subjects. Schooling for all will also be important for promoting integration, “says Sanner.

Trine Skei Grande says that in schools that have students from cultures where overnight trips are not so common, an additional job may be required to make parents feel positive for participation.

“It may be that the principal or teacher must go home to explain what it’s all about,” says Grande. She emphasizes that the camp school stay is mandatory for the students.

Financed by the municipality

The camp school stay is financed through the municipality. In addition, it is an earmarked contribution to the budget of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry states.

“The grants have been there and have been increasing, but we have seen that a proportion of students still do not get a school camp. Therefore, we promise this now, says Skei Grande.

The schools should be able to choose how the tour should be organized based on local conditions and opportunities. The requirements are that the trip must have a duration of at least three nights and that some of the activities on the trip will be training. 

The trip will be planned with students and parents, taking into account the different needs of the students.

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