Government drops the increase in car charges in next year’s state budget

Finance Minister Siv Jensen reveals to VG that the government will postpone the transition to tax calculation based on CO2 emissions measured by new rules (WLTP) by 2020.

This means that most of the country’s motorists release the notified tax increases. The reorganization had led to a number of popular family cars getting between 80 000 and 123 000 kroner in an increased fee, VG writes.

When we expose WLTP, it means that in 2019 there will also be emission values ​​corresponding to today’s test method (NEDC), which will be used to calculate the CO2 component in the one-time tax on cars. For some single models that have largely utilized the adaptation possibilities according to the old measurement method, there may be deviations, Jensen explains to VG.

Professor Runa Haug Khoury of Bellona reacts negatively to the news. She believes that postponing is just pushing the problems ahead.

However, Communications manager Camilla Ryste of NAF believes, that the postponement gives a predictability that Norwegian car buyers should have received much earlier.

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