Google is accused of protecting executives who left the company after sexual harassment allegations

A case in the New York Times has accused Google of protecting Andy Rubin and two other senior executives who were alleged of sexual harassment and left their jobs. It is based on anonymous sources and legal documents including from the ongoing divorce between Rubin and his wife.

The case claims that the company retained one of the executives while the other two went and paid huge end pack, despite the fact that the company had not had to do it legally.

It also claims that Google chose to tie up all the charges against the three bosses and even replaced some the charges with some positive mention.

“I wish Andy all the best with what he does in the future. With Android, he created something really amazing, with over one billion users, said Google’s then top manager Larry Page when Rubin left the company.

-According to the spokesperson of Andy Rubin, the former Android director, Rubin left the company voluntarily and had never been informed of allegations of sexual harassment. He also said that Rubin acknowledges having had sexual relations with Google’s staff he was not responsible for, which was within Google’s policy at that time.

Google follows strict guidelines

Google Superintendent Sundar Pichai wrote an email to Google staff on Thursday night. He stated that “the company has kicked up 48 employees after allegations of sexual harassment over the last two years. 13 of them were chiefs in the company, and none of them got an end pack.”

The email was a direct response to the claims made by the case in the New York Times.

Pichai did not take up specific charges against the three in his email. He described the case as “hard to read” and did not deny its statements.

According to him, Google introduced strict guidelines in 2015 which say that it is mandatory for everyone in the company’s management that they must inform about any relationship they have with other employees, even if they do not work in the same ministry or have any other conflict of interest.

“We are extremely concerned about ensuring that we have a safe and inclusive working environment, writes Pichai.

Despite Pichai’s assurances, the revelations about sexual harassment are still a major setback for such an old and giant company.

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