Gjerningsmann arrested for stabbing in Oslo

A man suspected for stabbing a woman with a knife in Oslo on Sunday afternoon has been arrested by the police.

The violence took place around 14.45 in the street Olafiagangen in Greenland, Oslo.

He has been denounced by the police as a young man with a sting in his face, and the assailant was in possession of a knife when the police caught him.

The woman was driven to a hospital in an ambulance after the knife stabling that occurred in an apartment in Urtegata in Oslo city center. Police say she is not critically injured and should recover soon.

The police moved in at 16.30 after the announcement of the incident. Shortly afterwards, they reported that a perpetrator had escaped from the place.

– There seems to have been a quarrel between more people. It is unclear how many people were involved, but there should have been at least two on each side of the conflict. We are in control of one suspected perpetrator and are looking for more, “says Per-Ivar Iversen, Operations Manager in Oslo Police District, NTB. 

Iversen says that those involved have not been cooperative. Therefore, the police do not currently know the background of the knife stabling. 
“We are working on the scene. There were a lot of people out in the area where the incident took place and we are talking to everyone we can get hold of, says the operation manager. 

Via- NTB

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