Giardia parasite found in Telemark Kildevann water

One of the Norway’s drinking water manufacturing firm Telemark Kildevann has informed the Norwegian Food Safety Authority that they have found small amounts of giardia in a raw water sample and a bottle test. Giardia is a microscopic parasite that causes the diarrheal illness known as giardiasis in humans. No one has fallen ill so far from the contaminated water reports authorities. Most people recover from giardia infection without treatment, few would require antibiotic medicines to recover.

Telemark Kildevann is a manufacturer and supplier of natural mineral water to many vendors based out of Fyresdal location. Their water is mainly used by Soda and juice manufacturers and bottled water suppliers. Telemark Kildevann first reported the Food safety authority of Norway on 10 December about the contaminated water from Modalskilden.  A sample of bottled water produced on November 27 also showed the findings of Giardia. Stocks showing positive results of parasite has been held for usage.

Senior Inspector Lisbeth Pettersen at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s department in Telemark says they have info on how many product is circulated in market and which are contaminated. Major products which are are on the list is “Coop Spruce”, Coop spruce is a flavoured juice manufactured by Coop Norway. Cop has received water from Modalskilden and the same has been used while manufacturing their products.

We decided to pull the stocks from our stores. We encourage all customers who have purchased the product to return it so that they can get the money back, “says Harald Kristiansen, Communications Manager in Coop Norway.

In 2004 there was also an outbreak in a kindergarten in Trondheim with twelve confirmed cases. Annually, 200 to 400 cases are reported in Norway.

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