Germany maintains a ban on abortion advertising

The German ban on advertising abortion remains, but the government will make it easier for women to obtain abortion information.

In the German Bundestag, a compromise between the Conservative bloc led by Angela Merkel’s CDU and the Social Democratic SPD was adopted on Wednesday that abortion advertising should still be illegal, but information on abortion would be more readily available than before.

Among other things, it has been decided that a list of doctors and hospitals that women can contact should be established.

Doctors and women’s associations are critical of the changes, which they believe mean that pregnant women will still not receive adequate information on abortion.

SPD and opposition parties have long wanted to remove paragraph 219a, which criminalizes abortion advertising, but Merkel’s CDU and other conservative parties disagree.

Part of the compromise that was entered into between CDU and SPD is that women should receive free oral contraceptives as part of the health insurance until they reach the age of 22. Today, the limit is 20 years.

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