Gearing up equipment grants for expensive professions: The Ministry of Education

Knowledge Minister Jan Tore Sanner (H) wishes to increase the equipment grants for the more expensive vocational studies in upper secondary schools.

Equipment grants are given to all pupils in upper secondary education to cover different school supplies, such as cookware, PC rentals or sports equipment.

“The government wants more people to choose vocational subjects, and part of the vocational training promise is also to tackle the equipment grants. We want to increase the gearing for the more expensive vocational fields of study, but we need a better knowledge base”, Sanner says.

The goal, according to Sanner, is that there should exist a better correlation between the actual expenses the students have the grants they receive from loan funds for the upper secondary education.

“We have asked the Directorate for Education, in cooperation with the Loan Fund, to come up with concrete proposals for the level of equipment grants for the various education programs in upper secondary schools,” said the Minister of Knowledge.

The Loan Fund will allocate equipment grants to 157,620 students in the coming teaching year 2018-19.

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