Gatwick Airport closed for several hours after a drone message

Gatwick airport outside London was closed for six hours on Thursday night while police investigations reports states that two drones flew across the airport.

The shutdown on Wednesday night caused major problems in air traffic to and from the British capital. Some aircraft were sent to Heathrow west of the big city, while others had to land in Manchester, Birmingham and other cities. Some were redirected to France and the Netherlands.

At 3.30 am on Thursday night. the airport tweets that the airport has been opened again. Passengers who are traveling from Gatwick on Thursday are encouraged to check the flight status before heading to the airport.

The problems at Gatwick also affected air traffic elsewhere in the UK and Europe. Especially around Christmas times, the pressure on aviation is already extraordinary.

There is usually day driving on the major airport south of London, including around 20 night flights. The company that runs the airport is sorry for the travellers, but says security must come first.

In recent years, there have been several reports that drones have been close while taking a flight.

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