Gardermoen luggage boxes are more dirty than the toilet seats

Gardermoen airport luggage boxes at the security checkpoint are far more dirty than the toilet seats at the country’s largest airport. Aftenposten team has run cleaning measurements on booking monitors, luggage wagons and luggage control unit at Oslo airport. Test was carried out with an instrument that measures the number of bacteria and organic matter on a surface. If the values ​​exceed 1500, it is not clean.


Ten luggage boxes were checked, where the average value was 19,909. The dirtiest box was measured at 27,247.

The most dirty luggage car was measured at 15,362, while the dirtiest screen had a value of 9,537. None of the boxes or carts were clean according to the test, while two displays had values ​​below 1,500.

In comparison, the newspaper measured the cleaning on a men’s toilet where the soap dispenser was measured at 2,528 and the toilet seat was 4,242. Thus the dirty baggage box was more than six times more dirty than the toilet seats.

Hans Bendik Eriksen, Operations Operations Manager at Oslo Airport, is not pleased with the results of the cleaning test and says they will use it to strengthen the cleanliness at the airport.

Among other things, he promises that the screens should be washed every day that the baggage carriers are to be disinfected and that old luggage boxes will be replaced with new boxes with antibacterial 

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