Fully drive for Thingnes Bø

Johannes Thingnes Bø will not stand over a single individual race in the run-up to the biathlon World Cup. This is how he should ensure the overall victory in the World Cup.

The 25-year-old has trouble with back problems and illness in the season run, but since then everything has gone according to plan. He has gone all the individual competitions, and the results in the first five of nine World Cup weekends have been phenomenal:

You win at twelve races and in addition one second place. The weakest result of the ironing is a 9th place from the hunting start in Hochfilzen before Christmas.

In the World Cup, he leads with strong 186 points on Russian runner Aleksandr Loginov. But Thingnes Bø emphasizes that he has not yet collected the total victory yet.

– That bullet is by no means mine yet. But I made it strong in the first half of the season. Now we are halfway, and there is a possibility that things can turn in the last half. I have to try to reset and think that I start the season again now, really, he says to NTB.

– Don’t go in the trap

The winter biathlon king is not sure if it is possible to hold the top shape through a full season. At the same time, he believes in having the recipe for how to keep the cooking right – also in the World Cup in March.

– It will definitely be a challenge. But fortunately I am so that I can walk many runs and feel that it gives the best yield. And then I just have to try to get some training in between. But the recovery is also extremely important between all the travel and other things that take energy. If I fail to “let myself down” and think that I am free, then I think it should go, says Thingnes Bø and continues:

– I must not go into the trap and think that the season will soon be over. I have to be in the present every single day, recover the best possible and then raise me another notch every competition day.

From madness to analysis

Thingnes Bø has been good for several years, but it was not until the Olympic season 2017/18 that he managed to deliver top results stable over a long period.

– Something happened last year. It was the first time I managed to be stable with many podiums throughout the season. I still have no good explanation of what made me do it, but I cannot understand anything other than that it is about routine, age and knowledge of biathlon, combined with Egil (Kristiansen) and Sigfried (Mazet) as coaches. All this has made me safer and more confident in what to do in each race, says Thingnes Bø.

It may seem that the deletion has matured in recent years. And the approach he made to the competitions is also more thoughtful than before, as he might be more eager and brutal.

– Before, I thought self-confidence was most important, but now it’s more about mathematics. The way to solve cross-country skiing, where to pick up seconds, where to leave (time), where to save effort, how to shoot. There is more analysis instead of being completely “maniac” on the start and burning to see how far it lasts. Now my plan has been added more in advance, he says.

At the top of the World Cup

Thingnes Bø confirms to NTB that he will go all the individual competitions out of season. It means full weekend in Antholz this week (sprint, hunting start, joint start) and at least four races in Canada and the US before the World Cup. In addition, it can be a relay as well.

– I hope my form sticks to the same, and that I can take another step so that I am at the top of the World Cup. That’s the goal of all, so then I have to try it, I too. And with the right choices along the way it may be possible.

Friday he runs sprint in Antholz, while it is hunting start Saturday.

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