Frp voters are most doubtful about the #metoo campaign

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A new poll for the Class Match, conducted by Sentio during the period 4 October to 9 October shows that While 57 percent of the population is positive or very positive to the metoo campaign, 33 percent of Frps voters and 51 percent of men are the same.

A total of 1005 respondents were asked “What view do you have on the metoo campaign against sexual harassment?”.

Frp is the only party that did not have the majority of the positive voters for the campaign and in addition to that, it is the only party to have most of the negative voters. 18 percent responded that they were negative or very negative to the canpaign. The biggest group is nevertheless doubtful – 41 percent.

9 percent of the voters are negative and 34 percent are doubtful on the national basis. The voters who are most positive are at the far left of the policy. But the Frp voters are far more skeptical and negative than the others, and far from everything can be explained by the fact that many of the voters are men, for men generally are reasonably positive.

Silje Hemdal, gender equality spokesman in Frp, believes many “realize that the campaign has not been completely unproblematic”.

“I think, first and foremost, about the street constitutionality we have seen in several cases, as well as issues related to the legal certainty of both the accused and the prosecutor,” she told the newspaper.

In terms of gender differences, they show that 51 and 64 percent of men and women respectively are positive, while 12 and 5 percent are negatively negative.


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