Four out of ten fresh police officers are at work

Four in ten police students who graduated this spring have got their job in department

The figures from the directorate show that 41.8 percent of the students who graduated this spring had a job at the police at the end of September. 12.1 per cent have got a permanent job.

Last year in 2017, 51.9 percent had jobs in the police, and 11.9 percent had permanent jobs.

Of the students who went out in the spring of 2017, 84.6 percent had a position at the police at the end of September 2018. 61.4 percent of this litter has permanent employment.

The figures for the 2016 litter show that 93.4 per cent have a position in the police and 81.7 per cent of them have permanent jobs.

– Employees of graduate students this year are only financed for the last quarter, and it explains that the figures so far this year are slightly weaker than before. The positions are fully financed from 2019 if the budget presented now is approved. It will therefore be announced many positions in the police until the new year, “says Assistant Police Director Håkon Skulstad.

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