Four counties without ministers since Solberg became prime minister

Since Erna Solberg (H) became prime minister in 2013, there has not been one minister from Oppland, Hedmark, Østfold or Sogn og Fjordane.

Among other things, Sp-leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum gets to react. He believes it is important that the whole country be represented in the government.

– We have noticed it in politics as well, as Hedmark and Oppland have been forgotten. The consequences are that you do not have knowledge or knowledge from those areas, he says to the Nation .

Parliamentary representative Ulf Leirstein (FRP) from Østfold is not of the same opinion, for he means the most thing that one gets in government – not where one is from.

– But when you put together a government, many are concerned with getting in, for example, a balance on gender and geography. For those who are concerned about it, it is a little strange that no one has been from the four counties, he says to the newspaper.

His county has had one minister since 1986, when Ingjerd Schou (H) was Minister of Social Affairs during the Bondevik government from 2001 to 2004.

Randaberg municipality in Rogaland, with its approximately 10,000 inhabitants, currently has two ministers in health minister Bent Høie (H) and Minister of Research and Higher Education, Iselin Nybø (V).

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