Foundation behind one of Norway’s most famous boats bankrupt

Failed to service the debt the foundation had to one of Norway’s richest people.

Sluppen “Restauration” is one of Norway’s most famous boats after 52 people went by boat to North America in 1825.

It belongs to the story that they were 53 people when they arrived, because a child was born during the journey.

The journey came into being after the encouragement of Cleng Peerson and is considered the beginning of the Norwegian emigration to North America in the 19th century.

The date of the ship’s arrival in New York, October 9, is celebrated in parts of the United States as “Leiv Eiriksson Day”.

The journey across the Atlantic Ocean in the 80-foot boat took 98 days and in the wake of this one million emigrated “over the pond” over the next 150 years.

In 2010 a replica of the boat was completed and it was duly baptized in Vågen in Stavanger. At that time, the boat was owned by the Emigrant Ship Restoration Foundation, which was in Stavanger District Court on Wednesday and announced a bid.

Was sold

Lawyer Flemming Karlsen has been appointed as a homeowner in connection with the bankruptcy.

He tells RA that the foundation sold the boat to Yuhong Jin Hermansen 2013.

– This against the fact that they got ten years’ right to use the boat, says Karlsen to RA and adds:

– Hermansen took over the debt to the boat. At the same time, the foundation has a debt to Hermansen of about NOK 300,000 and the foundation finally chose to petition, says Karlsen.

The Emigrant Ship Restoration Foundation had a turnover of NOK 155,000 in 2017 and received a loss before tax of NOK 571,000 in the same year.

Great costs

According to Karlsen, the Emigrant Ship Restoration Foundation has stated that they have had great costs in operating the boat and little income from it in the form of rental.

– The boat itself is out for sale at for four million kroner, but as said it is not the foundation’s boat, but it is Hermansen who owns it, says Karlsen.

Yuhong Jin Hermansen is one of Norway’s richest women and in 2018 was ranked 65th place by Norway’s 400 richest.

Folke Hermansen left her business empire to her when he died in 2006.

Since then, she has led the company, which is, among other things, heavy in the ferry company Norled and the bus company Tide, as well as in the shipping group Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab (DSD).

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