Floods in Nigeria, 286,000 homeless, 199 dead

The country’s disaster preparedness informed on Thursday that almost 286,000 people are homeless and 199 confirmed dead after the floods in Nigeria. They also announced that more rain is expected in coming weeks.

Nigeria has declared a national disaster in the states of Kogi, Niger, Delta and Anambra as awaiting the flood.

It has been particularly hard beyond the capital of Kogi, Lokoja. The city lies at the confluence of the two rivers, and is almost completely flooded due to the rising water level.”The flood has not only destroyed towns and villages, it has also destroyed crops and livestock,” says Secretary General Abubakar Kendehe in the Red Cross Nigeria.

Threat of Cholera and other diseases

According to the Secretary General Abubakar Kendehe in the Red Cross Nigeria, this year there have been 28,000 suspected cases of cholera in Nigeria. The United Nations reported last week that 3,000 cases and 97 deaths have been reported as a result of cholera in the Borno and Yobe states in the last two weeks.

“But one of our biggest concerns in the wake of the flood is the threat of cholera and other diseases,” he said, adding that lack of clean water and health care can have “fatal consequences”.

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