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Floating Mosque is sinking following the earthquake in Indonesia

Earthquake and tsunami causes the Masjid Apung Mosque to sink

Friday last week, the Indonesian island of Sulawesi was hit by an earthquake. The quake caused a three-meter high tsunami to flood over land in the city of Palu.

The devastations are great and the deaths that have now reached 1763 continue to rise.

One of Idonesia’s famous buildings is now disappearing into the ocean. Masjid Apung Mosque once stood over the sea surface, supported by four pillars. The natural forces caused the arrows to break and the mosque ended up partly under water.

According to news agency AP, the pedestrian bridge that led from the land into the mosque has collapsed and made sure the place is impassable.

On Friday there was a memorial to the victims of the natural disaster on the beach where the descending mosque stands.

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