“The first Norwegian space rocket” is shot

The experimental, whole-Roman rocket Nucleaus has been launched by the Nammo and Andøya Space Center.  The Nucleus assignment is considered “very important for the development of Norwegian space technology”.

The rocket is going to be a little over 100 km, and has been referred to as “the first Norwegian space rocket”. The rocket gets a short run in the “ballistic course”, that is, it has too little speed to get around orbit. This is also called a “suborbital course”.

If the test succeeds, the first step towards a rocket will bring less satellites into the room. It can also be the building block for a separate Norwegian rocket engine that can be used on scientific rockets. As of today, we are well-priced engines from abroad, said head of department Kolbjørn Blix at Andøya Space Center to ABC News.

Blix also said, that, Andøya will be the only facility in mainland Europe where satellites can be shot if the project succeeds and this capacity is further developed.

“If the test succeeds, revolutionizing new opportunities for Norwegian space research. Norway has an international leadership on functional and environmental friendly rocket engines, “said Professor Jøran Moen of UiO, responsible for the scientific part of the 4DSpace experiment at Nucleus, in a press release from the Space Center.

The module he is responsible for will be tested on launch this week. The goal is to provide more information about atmospheric turbulence.

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