First execution with electric chair since 2013 in the United States

Edmund Zagorski, aged 63 was sentenced to death for two killing in the United States was executed by an electric chair on Thursday after the US Supreme Court rejected a request for postponement the same evening. He was declared dead at 19:26 local time. 

He was given a verdict and sentenced to death in 1984 in connection with deaths of two men involved with drug trafficking. The authorities of the American state of Tennessee had decided to enforce him with electric chair on November 1, the first execution of this method in Tennessee since 2007 and in the United States since 2013.

In October, Zagorski asked to die in an electric chair to drop poison, and Zagorsky’s lawyers fought a fight in court to prevent him from being executed with a spray gun. They argued that the poison mixtures used are painful and a form of torture.

The application was first rejected, but a federal judge agreed to postpone execution so that the authorities could prepare the use of an electric chair. Then they applied for postponement of the execution, but it was denied by the Supreme Court on Thursday night, and he was executed shortly thereafter.

Zagorski is the second that has been executed with electric chair in Tennessee since 1960.

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