First day of election in Sweden – General election 2018

Election in Sweden has started today after so many debates and party rallies.
The choice in Sweden is now under way. The first election day measurements are expected when the polling stations close at 20 o’clock in the evening.

During the first hour after the premises opened at 8 o’clock the first voters had begun to find themselves.

“So far we have had five or six people,” says Vio Szabo, who receives votes in a polling station in Bredäng, southwest Sweden, to TT.

“People start coming,” said colleague Maria Martinez.

Election participation in Sweden tend to be high. At the previous parliamentary elections in 2014, 85.81 percent of the voters voted.

A total of 7,492,837 Swedes have voting rights for this year’s election, with representatives from the Riksdag, municipalities and county councils being elected.

You must be a Swedish citizen and registered in Sweden to vote in parliamentary elections. In elections to municipalities and county councils you can vote if you are a Swedish citizen or citizen of the EU and the EEA, and are registered in Sweden. However, persons who are nationals of countries outside the EU and EEA or are stateless are entitled to vote in municipal and county council elections if they have been registered in Sweden for at least three years before the election date.


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