Fire in diving vessels in Finnmark

A 40-foot dive vessel was on fire in Dønnesfjord, Hasvik in Finnmark on Sunday. The boat was towed away from the quayside due to the risk of explosions on board. Boat had great danger of detonations of gas cylinders filled with light flammable gas.
Gas cylinders were discharged from the quayside to secure the location, nearby buildings and vessels and had to burn of before approaching it.

“There is no danger to people when the boat is transported to a safe environment,” says operations manager at Finnmark Police District, Eirik Pedersen, to NTB at 10:30.

A man who slept on board reported about the fire. He is taken care of by health after getting easier smoke damage.

The police were notified of the fire at 4:31 of Sunday local time.

(© NTB)

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