Fire in an apartment in Oslo one person died

Update:One person who was taken out of the apartment while evacuation is dead. Cardiac and lung surgery was attempted on the spot, but the person’s life was unable to save.

The fire department has control of fire that broke out in a third floor apartment at Sagene in Oslo. People has been evacuated from the apartment.

The 110-station in Oslo was notified of the fire at 11.39 on Saturday morning.

– The fire is limited to an apartment on the third floor on the spot. We have crews on the spot who have started a fan for a better view. They stay for a while to pursue aftermath, “said Morten Bergh, the deputy head of the Norwegian Fire and Rescue Service, at NTB.

“I feel pretty sure we have the fire under control,” he adds.

A person was taken out of the apartment it burns in. The person is taken care of by medical team. The extent of injury is unknown.

The police in Oslo report that 15 people evacuated as a result of the fire. There is a lot of smoke on the spot, but no visible flames.

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