Finnmark labor party (Ap)should notify action against the state, says Remi Strand

The group leader in Finnmark Labor Party, Remi Strand, believes the county municipality must notify the state of a possible lawsuit to lift the merger with Troms.

KrF maintains support for government parties. Thus, the Center Party’s proposal to abolish the merger of Troms and Finnmark and dissolve large-scale Viken has not been approved by the Parliament on Thursday.

The battle is not over, Strand says. He points out that a legal investigation concludes that Finnmark County Municipality “has good legal arguments that the Parliament’s decision of 8 June 2017 to merge Troms and Finnmark is invalid.”

– In my opinion, process notification should be sent to the state. The Parliament should, in my opinion, not take such a type of constitutional decision against the people of Finnmark and Troms when the decision is blamed with illegality, Strand says to NTB.

The case will be dealt with by Finnmark County Council on 12 and 13 December.

A process notice is a warning that consideration is given to bringing a case to court proceedings and giving the counter party access to explain its view before making a decision.

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