FIFA President wants to get done with the World Cup expansion by 2022

The expansion of football teams from 32 to 48 in the next football world cup in 2026 has long been decided. FIFA has decided to quickly implement the plan and get done with it by the year 2022.

The expansion of the number of teams in the world cup has been the biggest dream of FIFA’s President Gianni Infantino and now he wants to change it into a reality in the span of four years.

– We are looking at it. If possible, why not? says Infantino.

Eight years ago, Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup and after that it was decided that the championship should consist of 32 teams.

According to Infantino, an extension will require other countries near Qatar to join as hosts.

“We must see if it is possible. We are talking at the moment with our friends in Qatar and with other friends in the region to see if it is possible to get to”, says the FIFA president.

“If we do not, we have at least tried. We try because we always have to do things in a better way.”

However, Qatar does not share a healthy relationship with several of its neighboring countries in the Middle East. This has led to diplomatic sanctions from a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

2026 World Cup is to be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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