Female resident in Western Norway charged with IS participation

A Somali citizen and resident of Western Norway is the first woman to be victims of terrorism in Norway. She is accused of developing and spreading IS propaganda. She was arrested at the airport at Gardermoen last December, according to NRK. Police security service believes she had attempted to join the extremist group of IS in Syria.

– The accusation is serious. The total criminal imprisonment in the case is 12 years, “states lawyer Marit Formo in the National Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecution authorities believe, among other things, that the woman on four occasions transferred money to three people who were participants in IS or linked to the group. In addition, she is accused of developing and spreading propaganda, including reading proof of propaganda text.

Even though she never reached Syria, the woman is accused of taking part in IS.

“The participation takes place while she is still in Norway. The assault is contributing to ISIS propaganda activities. It is also possible to put people in contact with ISIL’s facilitation network in Syria, says Formo.

NRK has not succeeded in receiving a comment from the woman’s defender. Previously, she has not acknowledged a penalty.

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