Farmers seek compensation of over 1.3 billion after the drought

A new forecast from the counties shows that farmers will seek compensation of over NOK 1.3 billion after the dry summer of this year.

Danish Agriculture Directorate says that the amount shown is NOK 200 million higher than the August forecast. There are more than 12000 notified applications and high compensation amounts. The figure is higher than the average. Around 700 applications alone are for crop injury compensation.

About one-third of the applications are expected to come from Oppland, Oslo and Akershus. Here the forecast indicates that nearly half a billion will be applied for together. Only in Oppland are 2,424 applications expected. In these areas, gross feed and grain production have failed.

Variation in heat and drought

Different parts of the country have faced a different type of weather condition. Extreme drought and strong heat have turned uneven in different places.

Local rain showers have also varied widely in drought areas. That is why the large variation between single use also within the same county. There was some rainfall in August, but it was too late for many, the grain was almost mature, and no one has responded to the rainfall to varying degrees,” says the Norwegian Agricultural Directorate.


In intensive productions like vegetables, potatoes and berries, it is common for farmers to have irrigation systems, but this is not common in grain and roughage production.

There is considerable crop failure in Agder and Eastern Norway, and somewhat less in Western Norway. Agder got rain earlier in August, so the farmers took something after a very demanding start of the season. In Eastern Norway, rainforests have fallen unevenly across the region. Rogaland and Western Norway are 70-80 percent of the normal breeding level. 

Those who have not had irrigation facilities in southern and eastern Norway have mostly got their crop completely destroyed this year. Those with irrigation systems have also had a great job of watering enough, and the heat has been a challenge in itself, even if it is watery, according to the directorate.

Eligibility criteria to get compensation

It is very difficult to estimate the rate of crop failure according to both municipalities and counties. Large areas are affected and losses are first documented when the crop is sold. In order to be entitled to compensation, the crop must be less than 70 percent of a normal year.

The forecast is showing tentative figures and the final figures will be confirmed only when the payments are made.

October 31 is the deadline for application. After that, it will be clear how many applications the municipalities and county governors will handle.

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