Farmers have received NOK 123 million in compensation so far

Farmers are receiving compensation after the dry summer

This year, many farmers have destroyed their crops because of the drought and now they are seeking compensation for the losses.

The Agricultural Directorate states that NOK 123 million has been paid in compensation to the farmers so far after the dry summer of this year. The payment is 111,000 million kroner on an average.

The last date for seeking compensation is October 31. However, Gunn Eide, Head of Division at the Agriculture Directorate, urges farmers not to wait until the deadline and submit the application as soon as possible.

“By searching now, it is easier to get help, and farmers get faster answers,” says Eide.

A forecast from September 15 indicates that there will be more than 12,000 applications for compensation. One third of the applications are expected to come from Oppland, Oslo and Akershus.

The forecasts also point out that farmers will apply for compensation of more than 1.3 billion, said the directorate in September. The amount is NOK 200 million higher than the August forecast.

The number of applications is significantly higher than in an average year, as there are about 700 applications for crop injury compensation.


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